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Walk With Me Baby-Carrier Blanket and Hat Set

The Walk With Me® is a sophisticated and stylish way for urban parents to keep their baby warm while their child is in a Baby Bjorn® or other brand front-worn carrier.

Arm ties wrap all the way around the baby, keeping arms tucked inside. An adjustable-length sack keeps legs toasty, and the hood keeps the baby's head protected. When the baby is facing out, fold down the hood and pop on the matching hat. The patented design also features a front pocket for a pacifier, credit card, or set of keys.

The blanket and hat set makes a unique shower gift, and the clean line is a great look for babies and parents on-the-go.

One size fits babies up to 36" long. Cream and charcoal with pink, blue, olive, and persimmon. 8 1/2" x 11" photos are available for point-of-sale display.

Walk with Me Walk with Me